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Sugar Mama Pro

Sugar Paste

Sugar Paste

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Sugar Paste 40oz -

The star of our show. Our sugar is a high performance paste, extremely long lasting. It can be described as marshmallow cream, very light and fluffy. Our sugar paste has been in development since 2014.

Sugar sold in packs of 5 $21 each plus shipping.

Options -

Ultra Soft: This paste is formulated to be mixed with regular, firm or melted down to be used with strips. Ideal for stretching out your ball to use on large body parts. This paste is rarely used alone.

Soft sugar: This is the perfect consistency when working on large body parts or mixing in to your regular or firm to soften your paste.

Regular: This is our “go to” paste. Performs great alone on Brazilians and underarms adding a small pinch of soft or firm can either soften or firm up your ball.

Firm: This paste is a “life saver” as a small amount can give you added control and help you get out of any “sticky situation” this paste is rarely used alone.

Desert Dry (Firm): Our "driest" firm is designed to help give stability to any ball. Great for hot/humid treatments rooms and beginners.

*nitral gloves are the recommended texture for sugaring

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